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Ordering PCBx3
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How is the Order processed?
We process the order as follows:
  1. When we receive your order we issue an invoice
  2. When we receive a deposit1 we prepare the license & database2
  3. Balance is due3 when license & database4 is transferred
  4. Questions? Just send us an enquiry.
What about installation?
What about implementation?

Monthly licensing is also available. To find out more about monthly or one-off licensing pricing information simply send an order enquiry including expected number of users. For one-off licence fees the following applies:

  1. Blake Developments requires a deposit in order to proceed, typically thirty per cent of the license cost.
  2. We prepare a license with a unique company ID and create a new database for that company.
  3. The outstanding balance for the license is due on receipt of database & license.
  4. The database & license can be downloaded from a secure Blake Developments web location.
  5. The Trial Version's folder structure provides a basic starting point. View the online installation guide for more installation options.
  6. Refer to PCBx3 Manager Online documentation for the required folder locations.
  7. For each registered entity a comprehensive chart-of-accounts is included. Simply de-activate accounts not required.
  8. To enter opening balances an up-to-date balance sheet and creditor and debtor information is required.
  9. Lookup values include client industries and ratings, quote & invoice terms & conditions and transaction categories.