Version R6.61.13 – Release Notes


Version R6.61.13 is the latest PCBx3 Manager Release available for download as of November 21, 2016.

The below release notes concerns all new features, improved functions and bug fixes since the last official release of versions R6.51.11 and R6.51.18.

The release notes include the following topics:

New Features

Release 6.51.11 brings several new features that assist in automation, reporting and monitoring and some existing features were re-designed to provide a new, simpler and more integrated experience. To read more about each feature, simply click the heading.

Accounts Payable - Business Purchases

In previous versions, recording a business purchase was restricted to a single transaction that could not be modified once posted.

The latest release includes a new accounts payable business purchase transaction form that allows for multiple line-items that can be modified until a payment is applied.

A business purchase – such as utility charges - requires the selection of a vendor and then is posted to the accounts payable ledger. The form provides the following functionalities:

  • opens directly from the finance main menu, operation sub-menu and accounts payable
  • designed for fast data-entry
  • enter multiple line-items
  • line-items can deleted, to delete the transaction simply delete all line-items
  • transactions can be edited until payment is applied
The original Business Purchase Invoice form

The original business purchase form is shown on the right.

The form was replaced in R6.61.13 with the new form shown below.

The new Accounts Payable – Business Purchase Form

The new business purchase form is shown on the right.

Use the tab key for quick navigation through fields.

Select the vendor; enter the invoice # and the total invoice amount including GST and then tab into the general ledger allocation grid.

Enter a valid general ledger account code or double click to open the chart of accounts to select from. Alternatively, enter 6 and then the tab key to open the chart of accounts showing the expense accounts of the chart.

Enter an optional memo and accept or overwrite the amount shown.

Tab into the next line and then click the save button or continue recording another line-item.


37 New Data Exports to MS Excel

All data exports to MS Excel were refined, stripped of unnecessary system data elements and formatted to provide a professional reporting experience.

The following table lists all new data export capabilities in R6.61.13.


  • HRM Register - Print Menu (x3)
  • HRM Cash Sales Register
  • HRM Purchases
  • HRM Licenses
  • HR Payroll History - Summary
  • HR Payroll History - Details
  • HR Timesheet History
  • HR System User Login History

Clients & Sites

  • Client Details - Reminders Sent History
  • Site History
  • Find a Person - Search Results


  • Request Register
  • Quote Register
  • Project Register
  • Service Job Register


  • Accounts Receivable - all lists (13/7 new)
  • Sales Invoice Register
  • Client Payment/Invoice History
  • Client Monthly Sales History
  • Accounts Payable - all lists (7/4 new)
  • Oustanding Vendor Purchases
  • Reconcile Vendor Transactions
  • Vendor Monthly Purchase Analysis
  • General Ledger - Journal
  • General Ledger - Reconcile Account
  • General Ledger - Un-reconciled Accounts


Client Dashboard

In previous versions, the client register incorporated the client dashboard. The latest features the separation of the client dashboard from the register.

This allows viewing the dashboard of one client while searching the register and opening details for a different client.

The new client register and the new client dashboard are shown below.


Other New Features
Delete a Client Contact

The new version allows now deleting a client contact or moving the client contact to a different client. The option includes replacing key allocations of the contact with a different client contact.

Client Details – Additional Alert Button

The client detail includes now a fourth alert button in addition to the three existing ones (Client Principal, Site Principal and Credit-hold). The new alert button is shown when one or more reminders were sent to the client. The alert button’s caption reads: Slow Payer? Clicking the button provides the option to export the complete reminders sent history to MS Excel.

Delete a Site

The site register provides now the option to delete a site. Simply select the site and view the main menu options for the site (dashboard). Press the button Delete Site to find out if the site can be deleted. You may need to delete key transactions first before the site can be deleted.

HRM – SuperStream

The SuperStream superannuation requirements consist of having a Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) for each HR. The requirement came into effect on July 1, 2016. The new version provides a new field on the HR Details’ page 3 that allows recording the USI.

Furthermore, an additional field was added to the Vendor Details that is shown if the vendor is a superfund. The new vendor field allows recording the Electronic Service Address (SMSF) of the superfund.

Main Menu – Quick access to general export folder

Release 6.61.13 allows now to export over 90 lists and reports. All exported data is automatically named and saved as excel files and stored in the general export folder that is setup in the Entity Folders settings.

The main menu includes now a new folder button that provides quick access to the export folder.



Improved Functions

The The following improved system functions are now available in Release 6.61.13

Find / Search for transactions

The following advanced find / search for transactions were reviewed, refined and made more intuitive:

  • Find a Person / Find a Job | Main Menu
  • Quote Register | Advanced Search
  • Project Register | Find a Project
  • HR Register
  • General Ledger | Advanced Search Options
  • Client Register | Advanced Search
  • Site Register | Advanced Search
Data exports to Microsoft Excel

A total of 88 lists and reports were refined for export, stripped of unnecessary system data elements and formatted to provide a professional reporting experience. Of the 88 export options 37 are new and listed in the above New Features.

Integrated Help Tips

Brief help tip were introduced in release 6.5 and further expanded in the new release 6.61.13. Click the information symbol (¡) to access the help tips. New brief help tips were added to the following forms:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Business Purchases
  • Job Purchases
  • Client Register & Details
  • Site Register
  • General Ledger Transaction Inquiry
  • Report Menu
Service Contract Renewal Notice

Renewing a service contract was previously only possible by printing or emailing the renewal notice. A service contract can now be renewed simply by selecting update.


Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in Release 6.61.13

Service Management Register

The buttons New Job Document and New Request did not do anything in previous versions. Both are now performing as expected.

Quote Register | Advanced Search

Entering multiple search criteria did not execute the search correctly. The issue was fixed and performs as expected.


Installation and Licensing Information

Important Installation Notes

Upgrading to Release 6.61.13 requires an existing Release 6.51.11 or a later version.

For a successful upgrade, follow the Installation Guide on the download page.

To view the Release 6.61.13 download details, click here.

Licensing Information

Upgrading to Release 6.61.13 may require a licence upgrade.

If not sure if your current licence is sufficient, simply contact Blake Developments.

Thank you...

Thank you for choosing PCBx3 Manager, we hope you enjoy the new features.